“Contemplating Lace” “Independent”

It’s really an honor to be in this issue of Whiskey Island, alongside some poets I truly admire, such as Leah Umansky. I have two poems in this journal, both of which I have re-worked many times. . . “Independent” is a very curious little poem. It keeps taking on different forms, and at the…

“Wild Greenhouse of My Youth”

This poem, published in the Fall 2016 issue of Cimarron Review, draws heavily from my time working at the South Carolina Botanical Garden while I was a student at Clemson University in “my youth.”  🙂

“A Supermarket In Indianapolis”

Super excited to have poem in the Indiana Bicentennial edition of “So It Goes,” the literary journal produced by the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. I was also pleased that I was able to read this poem at the 2016 ‘Vonnegutfest,’ as I am a huge Vonnegut fan!! This poem draws from my long, illustrious history…


Willow Springs. 77, Spring 2016. Willow Springs 77 Above is a link to purchase the issue of Willow Springs that I was published in. I was SO thrilled that they published this poem of mine that explores mothering small children, and I was especially excited to be published right next to super talented poet, Paige…

“Kneeling In Water Drops”

Mothers Always Write, October 2015 Click on the link below to read a poem I wrote about extreme exhaustion and mothering– Kneeling in Water Drops