“Floral Lady’s Employer Files For Bankruptcy”

It was such an honor to be included in Rust Belt Publishing’s Indianapolis Anthology. Rust Belt has an amazing series of publications all from Midwestern writers. There are so many friends, colleagues and fabulous Indianapolis writers included in this anthology. Here is my contribution, a poem about my many years working as a floral department…

“Iris Basilica: Pagan Dance”

Many thanks to the Babel Tower Notice Board for publishing one of my Iris Basilica Visual Poems. These pieces were inspired by my love of Iris and the glossy gardening catalogs that advertise them and their outrageous varietal names. I started with collage, and I added a lot of paint, marker, cut out text, etc….

“Girl of Water, I Could Swallow a Garden”

I’m so grateful to have this piece in EcoTheo Review. Some of the lines from this poem began in my head (and in journals) 20 years ago, when I was working for the South Carolina Botanical Garden! For some reason, a couple of those lines came back to me recently, and they came back with…

“Beyond The Glass”

Many thanks to Joanna Valente at Yes, Poetry for publishing a piece of my visual art, Beyond The Glass