“Girls of Lake”

It is a thrill to be published in a journal like Pleiades, which is full of people I admire greatly! It was also cool to by in Issue 39.2, which includes a folio of Afro-Caribbean literature, which is especially interesting to me because my children are half Jamaican. This particular poem is greatly influenced by…

“The Book of Snails”

I was really happy this odd little poem about anxiety and patio water gardening (and my obsession with water snails!) found a home at Parentheses Literary Journal. I really appreciate the editors taking a chance on this poem. Click here to view the entire issue or buy a hard copy.

“The Wind in From Chicago”

Volume 31 of Briar Cliff Review is so well crafted and gorgeous. I think I might even frame some of the artwork that is in its glossy pages. You can order your own copy here My poem, “The Wind in From Chicago” found a home in this issue, which centers on loss.    

“The Florist Thinks”

It was a huge accomplishment for me to be published in the Winter 2019 Issue of North American Review for my poem, “The Florist Thinks.” A couple of posts back, I posted a link to the blog I wrote about the process of writing this poem, which I worked on off and on for about…

“Menstruation Initiation Ritual”

I’m so excited to have this poem in the Spring Issue of Rust + Moth!  The impetus of this poem was thinking about how most American girls don’t get any sort of ritual to mark their first menstruation, and that it is a time of confustion, shame and often total silence, which was pretty much…

Short Essay about my poem “The Florist Thinks”

Click here to read my short blog post in North American Review that was inspired by my meditation on the poem, “The Florist Thinks” which will be published in their Winter 2019 Issue. After the acceptance of said poem, I reflected back on all that has happened since I wrote the bare bones draft of…

“The Two Grandmothers”

Krista Cox and her amazing organization, Lit Literary Collective, invited me to be a featured reader in 2018, and later offered to publish poems by the various featured readers to create a ‘zine that is a compilation from this past year’s events. She included my poem “The Two Grandmothers” in said ‘zine, and I am…

“Mapping My Grandmothers” A series of Visual Poems

A huge thanks to Joanna Valente who published this series of visual poems in Yes, Poetry. I created these over the summer of 2018, while participating in a generative workshop with Winter Tangerine. These pieces are made up of fragments of my poems, along with copied photos, maps and prayer cards from my deceased grandmothers….

“Place The Lightning Bolt In Your Hair”

Click here to link to the August 2018 Issue of Glass: A Journal of Poetry and read my poem that was featured in it. This poem was an important piece for me to write, as it explores the roots of depression, ancestry, mystery, and a lost first love.

“My Baby Daddy Has Become the Rain in The Street”

Click here to download Issue 40 of RipRap, a journal produced by Cal State, Long Beach. Many thanks to these awesome editors for their kindness and attention to my work. This is a particularly personal poem that I believe is actually a somewhat decent love/relationship poem for me (I don’t do that well with writing…