“The Two Grandmothers”

Krista Cox and her amazing organization, Lit Literary Collective, invited me to be a featured reader in 2018, and later offered to publish poems by the various featured readers to create a ‘zine that is a compilation from this past year’s events.

She included my poem “The Two Grandmothers” in said ‘zine, and I am very pleased to share it with you here! This poem is one that people have loved hearing read aloud, and many have asked me where they could go to read it! It is a poem that meditates on the influence of my grandmothers, and I created it in thinking about the discussion/dialogue I would have with them in the present day, long after they have passed away.

Check out Lit Literary Collective’s site here. They’re a great non profit organization, based in South Bend, Indiana.

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